ASH NET Website Maintenance Services you can trust

Does your existing website need changes, upgrades or maintenance? Are you experiencing security, virus or malware attacks?

ASH NET understands your website is crucial to your business, and that your products and/or services are constantly being searched for by potential new customers. We also understand that you are unique to your competitors, so your website must portray those differences. So regular maintenance and up to date web services are crucial.

ASH NET handles all your web and IT related tasks no matter how big or small. In addition to our other web services, maintenance and administration go hand in hand with the design and efficient operation of your site.

We provide you with efficient, reliable and ongoing maintenance, fully supported 24/7, 365 days of the year. ASH NET are also local – based in Auckland, New Zealand. So the frustrating offshore or time zone issues that are usually experienced by most other internet companies are eliminated.

ASH NET web maintenance services are professional, flexible, and credit-based.We know what works as we have been in the business for over 15 years. We strive hard to provide the services you need to keep your website up and running every second of every day.

Website maintenance services

ASH NET offer the following website maintenance services. Ask us for more information to install and maintain your site with very reasonable pricing.

Complimentary Website Migration to ASH NET – Website migrations are free of charge for all clients. It usually takes us around 12 hours for us to complete a migration. With ASH NET you only have to pay a minimum annual registration fee to manage all your website stuff from one spot, by one company.

Install cPanel Website Management Panel on Server – ASH NET installs the website management panel on your server, to be used in emergencies. This service is free of charge to all clients.

Remove Virus/Malware from your Private Server – Risks from viruses and malware are always prevalent when we are using any online service. If you are using a private server, ASH NET recommends thorough cleaning of viruses and malware from time to time. Ask us about our emergency malware and virus cleaning services which will enhance the security of your server, systems and data. It usually takes around 48 hours to complete the task.

Secure Private Server from Vulnerabilities and Attack – Within just 72 hours, our expert team can also remove and secure all current security issues, protecting your server against attacks in the future.

Software installations available

ASH NET can provide the following installations on your server at very reasonable charges. Most installations only take up to one hour to complete. Refer to our price list for more information.

  • Joomla Software Installation
  • WordPress Software Installation
  • Forum Software Installation
  • Drupal Software Installation

Affordable Pricing – ASH NET provides the highest standard of services within the time we stipulate, and our prices are not exorbitant! We believe in catering to your unique needs and walking that extra mile for your benefit. One of the cornerstones of our business is our honest and transparent pricing policy. Refer to our Pricing section for the proof, or ask us for more if the service you require is not on the list.

To let you get on with your business that you are qualified to do, for any IT task that you’re unsure about, we recommend hired assistance. ASH NET has qualified staff who will complete the job quickly and efficiently.





  • Every 12 months get
  • 1x System Back Up
  • 1x System Update
  • 1x Plugin Update
  • 1x Security Check
  • 1x Malware & Virus Scan
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • $10 per Month

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  • Every 12 months get
  • 2x System Back Up
  • 2x System Update
  • 2x Plugin Update
  • 2x Security Check
  • 2x Malware & Virus Scan
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • $15 per Month

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  • Every 12 months get
  • 3x System Back Up
  • 3x System Update
  • 3x Plugin Update
  • 3x Security Check
  • 3x Malware & Virus Scan
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • $20 per Month

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  • Every 12 months get
  • 4x System Back Up
  • 4x System Update
  • 4x Plugin Update
  • 4x Security Check
  • 4x Malware & Virus Scan
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • $25 per Month

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  • Low cost pricing with premium services
  • Security - Protect your website from viruses, hackers, DoS attacks and malware with regular website maintenance
  • 24/7 technical support – Our qualified Customer Service Team is available around the clock, on all 7 days of the week
  • Local support, service and maintenance – ASH NET is based in Auckland, New Zealand, eliminating all usual offshore or time zone difficulties

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