In most cases, Technical Consultancy is sought by companies who require a complete IT infrastructure in their organization. ASH NET knows how important it is for you to have the IT infrastructure that fits to your unique business, people and locations. With this in mind, we offer Technical Consultancy services at your site based on your current requirements and future needs.

Have you ever experienced frustrations and downtime with separate parts of your IT Support being looked after by many different companies? Maybe your VOIP is managed by one company, your hosting by another, your server by another, and internet by another? The list goes on!

Our expert IT Consultants perform the initial consultancy, estimation, management, implementation, deployment and future support of all of your IT systems regarding hosting, cloud, performance, monitoring and many other services.

How we work

After a detailed discussion with you we provide an IT Systems Report which details recommendations based on your business requirements. So we understand all your needs and are working with you from the beginning to the delivery, and beyond, as one IT company.

ASH NET takes the headache out of your IT Support to let you get on with what you do best – your business.

We work with businesses of all sectors to understand your complete needs as we recognise that every business is unique in its own sense. So one solution may not necessarily be suitable for other businesses.

Key Benefits of using ASH NET Technical Consultancy Services

  • Certified Technical Engineers
  • Complete end to end design to implementation
  • Consultancy considers your unique and complete business needs
  • No ‘out of the box’ quick fix - customised solutions for your business
  • A company you can trust
  • Designed, built, tested, implemented and supported by one company

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