ASH NET Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services you can trust

Do you have a fabulous looking website with great images and content, and maybe you even provide excellent physical access to your fabulous products and services, but you are not getting any increased inquiries or sales? A business without the right online marketing can be a huge detriment to the number of customer inquiries you receive. ASH NET can provide the most effective social media optimization targeted to your client profile, and your inquiries and profits will increase immensely.

In this day and age online social media and internet searching is usually the first action most people take to search for products or services they are looking for, either locally or globally. Your website may have great Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but every marketing plan should also include Social Media Optimization (SMO) as an absolute must.

How does SMO work?

Social media platforms are regularly used by most internet savvy people as a tool for searching for a product or service in your area, or globally. By joining groups, following others, having conversations either on your own social media account or on others, your exposure is increased with every click. And often at very low costs!

For example – A to Z Plumbing Ltd may work from home, therefore there is no ‘shop front’. They have a website, which people might land on if they look for that business type via a search engine, then hopefully the potential customer will make an inquiry to your business. A to Z Plumbing need to increase their exposure to encourage more people to either visit their website, and/or make an inquiry in other ways. They may be members of other face to face business groups, like local network meetings, but their exposure is always limited to the people who attend.

A large part of social media success is built on great content, and trust.When conversations happen online, trust eventually builds, and your business receives a lot more exposure and promotion. They get to know you, what you do, how you do it, who else uses your business and why, successes you have had, marketing campaigns for the present and future, your background, and many other positive attributes about you and your business.

What is a Social Media campaign

A good social media campaign is one that looks at your business, your ideal client profile, location and many other factors. ASH NET speak to you (and listen) to find out about you, your business, marketing campaigns you have for the present and future, and your audience.

With the addition of great social media accounts added to your marketing and sales plans, and a campaign that will target your appropriate audiences, the investment you already make towards marketing (sometimes many thousands of dollars) will be well utilized. Your exposure will increase with every click, Like, post, comment and follower.


ASH NET take on the whole job for you. You don’t even need to login to your accounts at all. From design, to creating your accounts, posting, ‘Like’ and commenting, following others and receiving followers, uploading videos and images, to increase your ‘friends’ and followers, and therefore, your potential client base.

Or maybe you already have the accounts open, but nothing much is happening because you are too busy running your business to be online looking for new clients or in discussions in groups or individuals. ASH NET can manage all or part of your SMO.

If we don’t manage your website that is OK too. We will apply our ‘thinking’ behind your social media campaign to your current website content, and regarding all other areas of your business that include marketing and sales promotion.

ASH NET are experts in this field, and in many others that are related to online and internet services. We have been doing it for years, we understand what people look for and how, and we know how to communicate online which is very different than speaking on the phone to a potential customer. Our content writers are the best, and we know what works! We write engaging and interesting content with local and global #tags. We also provide analytics and reporting, so you always know who has looked at you, who interacted, when, in what age demographic or location, and many other factors that help ASH NET and you understand the results of your campaign.

Which social media is best?

ASH NET can provide SMO to all or some most used social media services, including Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.

When we chat with you about your business and its best type of client audience, we will advise the best accounts that would suit your business and client profile, and budget. See our SMO Services below for some options available for various social media accounts, or contact ASH NET today to discuss your SMO needs to generate leads and increase your visibility.

Some of the many (not limited to) ASH NET social media optimization services available

  • All social media platforms – account creation including design, posts and comments, Likes, video and image uploads, analytics and reporting on views and clicks, maintenance and monitoring
  • LinkedIn- increase your visibility and professional network. For all professional communication, discussion boards, followers and adding members and groups
  • FaceBook – all personal and business communication and interaction
  • Twitter–large scale marketing for all personal and business communication and interaction
  • Instagram–photo and video sharing platform – encourage personal and business communication and interaction
  • Pinterest – pin board content, followers, and following relevant pinners
  • YouTube – channel design and setup, video submission, increase subscribers and followers. Ranks only second as the most searched search engine when compared to other channels.



  • Campaign Setup
  • Number of Posts
  • Google Plus Marketing:
  • Google+ Account Set-Up
  • Google+ Followers
  • Monthly Post Regular Updates
  • Maintain profile
  • Google Plus Creation
  • Goolge Plus Page Like
  • Goolge Plus Page Followers
  • Goolge Plus Group Like
  • Goolge Plus Group Post
  • Goolge Plus Group Comments
  • Goolge Plus Group Join
  • Google Plus Followers
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Facebook Regular Updates
  • Facebook Page Fans/Likes
  • Facebook Timeline Design
  • Facebook Profile Design
  • Facebook Group Like
  • Facebook Group Post
  • Facebook Group Comments
  • Facebook Group Join
  • Facebook Friends
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter Page Creation
  • Twitter Regular Updates
  • Twitter Profile Integration
  • Twitter Tweet Favourite
  • Twitter List Management
  • Twitter Followers
  • Twitter Group Like
  • Twitter Group Post
  • Twitter Group Comments
  • Twitter Group Join
  • Twitter Profile Submission
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Linkedin Profile Creation
  • Linkedin Management
  • Linkedin Regular Updates
  • Linkedin Profile Maintenance
  • Linkedin Group Like
  • Linkedin Group Post
  • Linkedin Group Comments
  • Linkedin Group Join
  • Linkedin Business Page
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Instagram Profile Creation
  • Instagram Management
  • Instagram Regular Updates
  • Instagram Profile Maintenance
  • Instagram Group Like
  • Instagram Group Post
  • Instagram Group Comments
  • Instagram Group Join
  • Instagram Business Page
  • Youtube Marketing :
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • YouTube Background Design
  • Video Optimization
  • Video Submission
  • Video Views
  • Video Like or Subscribers
  • Monthly Work Report
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Pinterest Marketing :
  • Pinterest Account Creation
  • Sourcing of pin board content
  • Creation of business URL
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Re-pinning of relevant content
  • Re-pinning of relevant content
  • Following of relevant Pinners
$460 .00
  • Campaign Setup
  • 20
$$687 .70
  • Campaign Setup
  • 40
$$917 .70
  • Campaign Setup
  • 60
$1147 .70
  • Campaign Setup
  • 80


  • Free evaluation
  • Campaign setup
  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Various key word quantities
  • Banner design for your FaceBook (except Bronze)
  • Free SMO Audit
  • Packages to suit your business needs - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Low cost pricing with premium services
  • 24/7 technical support – Our qualified Customer Service Team is available around the clock, on all 7 days of the week
  • Local support, service and maintenance – ASH NET is based in Auckland, New Zealand, eliminating all usual offshore or time zone difficulties
  • And lots more!

Contact us by email or phone to discuss more about how we can provide Social Media Optimization Services that will streamline and increase the efficiency of your business.

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