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Ashnet is the leading Auckland SEO Company serving the world. With 8 years of industry experience, we are young enough to run and old enough to fly. We are a team of 24 full-time SEO NZ Engineers, 12 Content Writers, 8 Web Developers & Designers, 17 Link Builders, 35 Off-page Optimization Experts and 8 Project Managers. Working as a cohesive unit, we bring to the table a range of efficient and affordable digital marketing services and dedicated support to keep you gainful in tangible ways.
We create wealth and progress for you with incessant efforts, commendable knowledge and evolved skills. Our successful SEO New Zealand campaigns culminate in better traffic, increased revenue and consistent business growth. Whether you are starting up or scaling up, we can be a winning move for you in either case. We take the pain to get familiar with your specific needs and wants and strategies and implement accordingly. The whole idea is to ensure bespoke solutions meeting your business goals and budget.
Not many can leapfrog our statistical excellence. Within close to no time, we have designed and developed thousands of small business websites, and about 50 premium E-commerce sites. Additionally, we have thus far optimised 1500 websites as per the industry norms. Given our growing outreach, the numbers are progressive with each passing day. We receive a significant percentage of repeat business, which testifies our efficacy and keenness for customer delight.


Why Choose Us

Here are few compelling reasons that make Ashnet your go-to resource for all digital marketing campaigns.

  • We are a team of time served, reliable and creative professionals with expertise in all aspects of digital marketing. We love what we do, which shows in our results.
  • Our range of deliverables is vast enough to accommodate SEO Services, Web Design Services, Social Media, PPC Services, Video Services, Link Build Services, Content Writing and Content Marketing. Therefore, you need not hire multiple service providers, which is otherwise a cumbersome, and cost and time intensive affair.
  • Our solutions are efficient and in line with Google webmaster guidelines.
  • We charge competitively and provide price information up front.
  • As the Top SEO Company Auckland, we tailor digital marketing solutions as per your needs and budget.
  • We are dedicated and organised in a deadline driven scenario. As such, you can expect the fast output of the project, regardless of its complexity or scale.
  • Right from local start-ups to established corporations, we cater to it all with genuine concern, integrity and professionalism.
  • We invest in the continuous education of our workforce to serve you better.
  • We keep track of the latest developments in the digital marketing field. The rationale here is to bring to you innovative technologies and international trends.
  • We receive about 60% of our business through referrals.
  • We are responsive to your needs. Feel free to get in touch with our round the clock customer support via phone, email or Skype for quick issue resolutions and information gathering.
  • We support community works with time and funds. In fact, 10 percent of our total revenue goes to welfare activities.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization Auckland, New Zealand, more often referred to as SEO NZ, is the buzzword of the day and rightly so. Currently, the virtual space is replete with millions of websites and thousands more are making their way in each day. As such, making your website stand apart from the competition is more intricate and labour oriented a task than what meets the eye. If your website fails to get the desired footfall, the entire idea of creating it will be defeated. As such, the time, money and effort invested in designing and developing the website will go down the drain. Herein, a properly strategized and executed SEO Auckland can come to your rescue.
Though no denying its significance, SEO has emerged as the biggest cliché in the digital marketing industry. Service providers and industry expert presented SEO as a panacea for all ills, a sentiment that still resonates in the minds of general population around the world. In verity, SEO is all about giving your website a chance to feature on organic rankings of prominent search engines, such as Google, MSN, Baidu, Yahoo and Bing. A decent SEO campaign draws netizens’ attention towards your business, compels them to invest in your product/services, and helps create a brand image from scratch.
At Ashnet, SEO is right in the name. As the leading Search Engine Optimization New Zealand Company with international presence, we offer reliable, output oriented and efficient services. We work hard to help you make a steady business progress without asking you to go overboard with your expenses. Our industry experience spanning across a decade allows us to understand the intricacies of SEO trends and offer solutions that work well for you and your situation. We keep track of algorithms that all search engines implement for indexing purposes. As such, we are poised to keep your page rank progressive even in the wake of a change in algorithms.

What to expect from us?

As the leading Digital Marketing Company in Auckland, Ashnet has set the trajectory of a profitable growth for numerous businesses across industries. Profiled below are few of the redeeming and compelling features that will help us earn your business.

Sensible and Transparent Pricing:

Unfortunately, the digital marketing industry in New Zealand is yet to come up with a standard pricing policy. Resultantly, there is no dearth of service providers ready to rob you blind. Ashnet has held true to a competitive and transparent pricing policy since day one. Our SEO services are comprehensive, performance-oriented yet affordable. Contrary to the norm, we bring to the table an amalgam of SEO related services without charging additionally. The sensible pricing helps us to cater to the digital marketing goals of virtually all type of clients – right from bootstrappers to established corporations. Our services come backed by a competent team of SEO NZ experts, proprietary processes and products, along with our proven record of accomplishment. So, rest assured of getting the best bang for your each dollar spent.

To each his own:

As the leading SEO Services Auckland service provider, Ashnet has always been averse to the ‘one size fits all’ concept. We have been in the business long enough to know and acknowledge the variance in customer demands. Therefore, we have come up with a gamut of SEO  packages created to perfection. You can choose from available options, such as Panda, Penguin, Zebra, Seal, Shark and Whale as per your requirements and budget. These packages are comprehensive, cover all price points and needs, and manifest our industry experience optimally. Additionally, we have a reputation for customisation. So, if your SEO needs go beyond the ordinary, feel free to get in touch with us via phone, email, web or Skype. We are eager to create and curate a bespoke SEO service Auckland package to meet your unique situation and demands.

We strategies better:

Strategy is the essence of a successful internet marketing campaign. As the leading SEO Company Auckland, we know it all too well. We conduct brainstorming sessions for each project, irrespective of its scale or nature. Herein, we define your business goals through a proper due diligence. Our SEO engineers also factor in all key aspects, such as your company, your products and services, your competitors and your niche segment. Additionally, we take the pain to conduct site and server analysis to give you leverage across all platforms and devices. The inferences, thus drawn, help us to create a roadmap for an efficient SEO campaign. Hell is full of good meanings, but heaven is full of good works, they say. Therefore, we also ensure that the execution part is also impeccable.

We generate content that matters:

As per the general perception, content is the ‘king’ when it comes to SEO. However, it becomes the king only when you crown it. If you think that a grammatically correct content will suffice to keep you progressive, then it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. The content has to be interactive enough to draw the reader’s attention and keep it intact all the while. It has to be presented lucidly, easy to comprehend, informative, replete with catchy punch lines and appropriate keywords. As the leading SEO Agency in Auckland, Ashnet has the wherewithal to deliver top of the line content suiting all SEO specifications. We create content specifically to provide you with keywords search ownership advantage.

We believe in connecting the dots:

Generally, people perceive Web Design, SEO, SEM and PPC to be separate things that need to be handled in isolation. However, it is as far from verity as it gets. All these processes are inter-related or say complementary to each other. Ashnet is a full-service Digital Marketing Company in Auckland with specialisation in SEO Services, Web Design Services, Social Media, PPC Services, Video Services, Link Build Services, Content Writing and Content Marketing. As an SEO company with international footing, we continue to support SEO needs in hundred countries across 5 continents. As such, we are positioned uniquely to provide 360-degree solutions to keep you poised for growth. We connect the dots between site visibility, usability, web analytics, site architecture and content strategy.

We are intelligent with intelligent analysis:

Strange but true, about 40 percent of words and phrases in keywords searched on the net each day are very different from the rest. This implies that they were never used before in any search. It is a trivial finding with huge implications. Suppose you have achieved the desired visibility with a consistent footfall on your website. You need to be aware of the fact that the competition out there is getting intense by the day. Your competitors are planning to divert the deluge of your visitors towards their websites. Keeping your domination intact becomes an uphill task for you. Here we come to the picture. With our expert competitive intelligence analysis, we keep you informed about your competitors. Remember, staying informed means staying in control.

We are constantly innovating:

When innovation is the name of the game, Ashnet comes across as your natural ally. We are the leading SEO Company in New Zealand with a passion for creativity and innovation. For over a decade, we continue to come up with proprietary products, services and strategies. The idea here is simple – to keep you on the cutting edge of technology, trends and competition. We are continuously refining our SEO Services to conform to frequent algorithm updates issued by Google and other search engines. You can feel free to get in touch with our customer service to know more about how we can innovate to keep you progressive.

We serve as your virtual employee:

Ashnet brings to you a virtual employee programme to support your SEO needs conveniently and cost effectively. We will deploy a time served and reliable Dedicated SEO Expert Auckland, who will work as per your time schedule and specifications. You can opt for either a full timer or part timer virtual employee based on your preferences. Thanks to our competitive pricing policy, you can access a top-notch virtual employee without burning a hole in your wallet. With our virtual employee, you are relieved from investing time and resources on office set-up and infrastructure, along with employee insurance and PF. We empower you to interview your prospective staff prior to making hiring decisions.

Our web design services:

Ashnet is all about variety. Backed by a decade of industry experience, we bring to the table an eclectic range of web design services to support all needs. Right from Static Website Design, Dynamic Website Design, Flash Web Design, Template Based Design to Ecommerce Website Design and Customized Website Design, we offer it all. The mutual elements across all these service offerings are aesthetics, convenient navigability and efficiency. Apparently, this is what you expect out of the leading Digital Marketing Company in Auckland. Let us be specific about each of our web design offerings to help you make educated decisions.

We do the basics right:

A search engine friendly site structure is integral to a successful SEO campaign. Additionally, elements, including Meta tags, page content and navigation needs to be optimised if you are serious about achieving your digital marketing goals. The significance of keyword research, link building and social media engagement cannot be undermined as well. As the SEO Consultant in Auckland, we do our basics right to deliver the maximum advantage. We optimise your website as per the SEO industry standards. We focus on keyword research and placement to bring the right kind of visitors to your website, enhance your page rank and propel your growth.
We amalgamate on-page optimization and keyword research with link building, social media engagement and content writing to ensure innovative outcomes. You cannot go wrong with our services knowing that we also back our SEO services with social bookmarking, Content Marketing and image optimization. We do all this and more in a methodical manner and without overstretching your budget.

We believe in integrity:

Ashnet is all about reliability, integrity and professionalism. We approach each SEO project with same focus and commitment, no matter how small or big, easy or complicated it is. We take it as a prerogative to keep you informed about the latest developments at each stage of the project. Your suggestions are appreciated and adhered to with sincerity. Additionally, we offer price information up front to relieve you from unpleasant surprises. Going beyond the norm, we provide no-obligation, free and accurate estimates to each client approaching us for help. The quotes carry breakup of prices as per the services offered. Accordingly, our clients know exactly where their hard-earned money is going. As an SEO Company Auckland with ethics, we refrain from incurring hidden charges. The price mentioned in the quote is absolute.

Web Design Service – Simply State of the Art

Website is the entryway to customer interaction. When your prospective customers come looking for your company, products or services, they will invariably visit your website. As such, your website needs to be professional in look and appeal, insightful and conveniently navigable. In a nutshell, the website has to delight the visitor and entice him/her in investing in your brand. When stakes are this high, it is advisable to trust someone who has done it before.
Ashnet is a versatile Digital Marketing Company in Auckland with global footing. Designing websites is all in a day’s work for our expert web designers. We leverage on years of experience and technical knowledge to deliver top of the line websites that manifest your business, goals and values optimally. Discarding the ‘one size fits all’ concept, we focus on bespoke solutions meeting your individual demands and budget. Courtesy our competitive and transparent pricing policy, we make web designing a living reality for clients of all budgets.

Static Website Design

Ashnet has been a coveted Digital Marketing Company Auckland with Static Website Design as its forte. Herein, we help you send across precise information to the desired audience over a given time slot in an efficient and cost-effective manner. With static web design, we cater to businesses and individuals seeking an online presence. As is the case with all our offerings, the static web designs are visually pleasing and creative. Profiled below are few other advantages that come as default with each static web design.

  • Trouble free fabrication
  • High search engine compatibility
  • Convenient Navigation
  • Superb Image Quality
  • Can pursue Design outline as and when needed
  • Fast brochure and picture downloading

Customised website design:

When businesses look for customised website design services, they more often prefer Ashnet, the leading Digital Marketing Company in Auckland. We justify their preference with diligent websites corresponding to their unique needs, design aspirations and budget. We achieve this with a synergy of credentialed workforce, several proprietary tools and creativity. Thanks to our proactive approach and streamlined processes, we are in a position to deliver customised websites as per your brief on time. Furthermore, complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed with the following features.

  • Self-explanatory interface
  • Ease of navigation
  • Helps build your brand image
  • Adaptable specialised service
  • Round the clock customer support

How we work:

Our Modus Operandi is special in terms of both – approach and outcomes. No wonder, it makes us the most sought after Digital Marketing Agency in Auckland and beyond.

  • The ball gets rolling when you acknowledge us with your web design requirements
  • We will respond with an initial quote and the planned design feature at the earnest.
  • You can take your time to study the quote and compare it with other service providers.
  • Upon receiving the confirmation, we will revert to you for discussions on keys aspects, such as navigation, content, colour and logos.
  • Subsequent to this, we focus our attention on domain registration, hosting and transfer to ensure a smooth going for you.
  • We initiate the web design process.
  • A preview of the site will be sent across to you via an email.
  • You are free to make any number of changes and we ensure that they are complied with. The site will be finalised only when you are completely satisfied.
  • Next, we send the final quote and design to you for confirmation.

The website is made live as soon as we receive the payments.

Dynamic Website Design:

Ashnet continues to be the go resource for everything dynamic website design. Our well designed, database driven dynamic websites feature an interactive interface. The idea here is to help you implement changes in the website’s content and structure on real time basis. The layout is engaging and professional to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. No doubt, our expertise in Dynamic Website Design substantiates our status as the leading Digital Marketing Company Auckland. Check out some other advantages that our dynamic website ushers in.

  • Easy access to the Control panel so that you can make alteration and addition without investing much time and effort.
  • Superior content rich in keywords
  • Complete description of your products and services
  • Incorporates inquiry basket
  • Low website loading time
  • Helps manage images, texts and links manually.

E-commerce website design

As the e-commerce trend is catching up, we are emerging as the one-stop destination for e-commerce website design. Thus far, we have created in excess of 50 premium e-commerce websites of varying scales for domestic as well as international clients. We design websites with the commitment to your business, your ideas and your budget. So, feel free to acknowledge us with your requirements and let us handle all the complexities. We will keep you gainful in the following ways.

  • Website analytics is incorporated for better outcomes
  • Free personalised consultation with the online designer
  • Customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Flash animations

Flash Web Design:

As a prolific Digital Marketing Agency in Auckland, Ashnet has the experience and expertise to deliver top-notch flash websites. With us, you can expect browser and OS independent flash websites that allure visitors with extravagant designs. Thanks to our competitive pricing, you can access superior flash web design services without going overboard with your expenses. Go on reading for more benefits that are there for the taking.

  • Delightful flash design
  • HTML pages for all types of flash sites
  • Brand pictures  are fabricated
  • Customized layout

Template Based Web Design:

Ashnet has a decent track record when it comes to designing and delivering template based web designs to suit all needs and budgets. Our template-based websites allow you to fabricate the content in a convenient and time-efficient manner. To this end, we provide you with an easy access to a range of well-designed templates where you can ‘plug-in’ your own text and images. You can rest assured of creative web design with our in-house team of seasoned and proficient web designers. Other redeeming features of our template based web design are as follows.

  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Conveniently Updated
  • Lively website
  • Comprehensible control panel
  • A vast range of templates to choose from

Investment vs. ROI:

The success of any online or offline marketing campaign is measured by how much the returns exceed the investment. At Ashnet, we understand it well enough to keep your RIO at priority. As such, we strategise and manage campaigns with a sole mission to keep you profitable and poised for growth, regardless of the SEO rate you are paying. Our SEO methods are efficient and result oriented, and track record is phenomenal. Each of our clients is doing well, as we bring him the desired audience with minimum fuss.

As an SEO Consultant Auckland, we are aware that each enterprise is a far cry from the rest in terms of size, nature of operations and clientele. For us, it is simple, what is sauce for the goose may not be the sauce for the gander. We acknowledge the uniqueness that your business brings to the table, and hence, we will never ask you to do away with your competitive edge. Instead, we prefer to cash on the uniqueness and promote it further. Accordingly, our SEO pricing plans are inclusive of a gamut of key criteria. The central element across them is to provide you with maximum visibility and keep your growth prospects lively.

Ashnet continues to create the brand image from scratch, irrespective of the industry you serve or audience you wish to target. Our experts draw on their industry exposure to devise SEO campaigns that help you attain your marketing goals with minimal of your involvement. Thus, you can concentrate on your core competencies, while we do the needful. As we go ahead with the campaign, you each dollar spent will be justified many times over, as thousands of satisfied clients will testify.

Search Engine Optimization Pricing:

Ashnet is the leading SEO Company for New Zealand and beyond. We create and propel your SEO campaign through experienced and credentialed digital marketing professionals. We also back it with innovative optimization processes, proprietary SEO products and cost effective pricing. Reiterating our commitment to transparency, we provide you with accurate quotes upfront. The quotes are comprehensive enough to include price information for all services provided. Contrary to the norm, we also disseminate price information via our website. As such, you are free to check them and base your hiring decisions accordingly.
Our competitive pricing not only serves as a Different but also enables us to provide a level playing field for small and mid-size business establishments. With us, they can achieve their marketing goals without breaking the bank. If our existing list of SEO packages fails to fulfill your needs, feel free to customize your own package according to your needs and budget. We provide the liberty to pick and choose a variety of objectives and services from our SEO price list to create an exclusive SEO package meeting your budget. Since we are averse to the idea of hidden charges, the overall SEO cost will remain the same.
Being in the business for over a decade now, we know that businesses often find it difficult to determine the right amount of investment that should go into an SEO campaign. The issue is more pronounced among businesses that are working with Digital Marketing Company Auckland for the first time. Given the abundance of SEO companies out there, choosing an appropriate digital marketing partner and finding its service charges become an uphill task. Here, our convenient SEO price comparison comes across as a saviour. You can access the exact prices that we charge for each service without investing time, effort and money in due diligence. Making educated decisions was never so easy.

How do we determine SEO Pricing?

Ashnet is a prolific Auckland SEO company with a reputation for transparency. We are explicit with you when it comes to SEO pricing. However, you might wonder how we determine our pricing and keep it competitive without sacrificing quality. The answer lies in the extensive experience and expertise gained over a decade of service, coupled with a passion for competence and customer delight. We are uniquely positioned to offer SEO packages fitting all needs and budget and serve as your reliable digital marketing partner.
SEO package prices at Ashnet range from around $ 299 to upwards of $ 3000 per month. Additionally, you may have to incur consultation fee depending on factors like website size, target audience and marketing goals. We employ a straightforward yet effective formula to determine the price of our SEO package. First things first, we factor in the exact number of keywords or key phrases needed to make your website SEO ready. This serves as the prime price determinant for each SEO package on offer. The other key price determiner is the first page Google results that we assure, as it largely determines the strategy and implementation needed. The significance of the website’s size and tools incorporated into it cannot be undermined when it comes to deciding the SEO prices.

Prices may also vary as per the additional services that you may want to avail, such as link building, YouTube SEO, consultations, and site and server cleanup amongst others. On Page Optimization, Video Search Engine Optimization, Local Search Engine Submission, Blog Submission, Press Release Submissions and Video Submissions, Google Places / Bing Local Listing Centre Optimization are few key standard features across our SEO packages.  With the leading digital marketing agency in Auckland that Ashnet is, SEO Package price also varies according to the number of Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Article Submissions, Article Social Bookmarking and Additional One Way Links you wish to access.

We also offer long-term SEO packages to ensure better promotion at great savings. Herein, the pricing and outcomes invariably depend on the duration of the SEO plan. The longer the plan, the more the savings you realise. For a better understanding of our SEO pricing structure, you are advised to visit our ‘Search Engine Optimization Plan’ page. Remember, it is not for nothing they call information as the real power.

Things to consider when researching the SEO package cost

They say, you do not jump into a pool without putting in your toe to test the water. The leading digital marketing agency in Auckland, Ashnet takes the prerogative to educate you about what to look for when researching the SEO package cost. Since SEO industry lacks a standard pricing structure, getting a clear picture will ensure wise decisions. You need to read the fine print, as things that SEO companies wish to hide find a mention there. Prefer a SEO company with a performance record you can trust, even if charges a tad bit higher than the rest. This will ensure a seamless, pleasurable and rewarding SEO experience.