Passport Photos

Need a passport photo for immigration, visa or other ID purposes? Visit any of our three ASH NET Cafés to have your photo taken and created to the required immigration standards of most countries.

ASH NET will not only take your photo, we will also upload it to the appropriate online form for your Immigration or Passport application.

We use our own cameras that are specifically setup for this service. This ensures your photo is created correctly according to the right specifications, size and legal requirements for your needs.

As we understand the requirements of most countries’ differences in specifications and legal requirements, ask us for the country you need.

Countries include – New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, USA, India and many others.

Or if you need a passport photo for another purpose, e.g. ID card or Drivers Licence, ASH NET will create it to the specifications you require. If you want it enhanced or improved for a flyer, business card or another purpose we can also tweak it using Photoshop for an even more fabulous look!

We can also print it on the spot, or email a JPEG or PDF file to your designated email address.

Don’t forget to bring ID with you and all other forms and information you need for your application if you require us to upload it to the online form of your country.

Some hints about Passport Photos in most countries

  • Most countries need your passport to be less than 6 months old before you book a one way or return trip
  • All countries have specific guidelines that must be adhered to, for either online or postal passport applications
  • Wear different coloured clothing than the background of the photo (ASH NET usually provides white, grey or cream backgrounds)
  • No glasses must be worn unless you wear them regularly, but no tinted or glared glasses are allowed
  • Headgear is only allowed to be wornif it is required for religious or medical purposes
  • You must not smile – your mouth must be closed


  • 4X6
  • $0.79
  • 6X8
  • $2.95
  • A4
  • $3.00
  • A3 SR3
  • $5.00
  • $15
  • $18
  • $20

ASH NET Passport Photo Services

  • For all Immigration purposes
  • For ID or other purposes
  • Photoshop for an enhanced look
  • Printed on the spot
  • Saved as JPEG or PDF file formats
  • Emailed to your designated email address
  • Saved to your Flash Drive
  • Online upload to your required application form
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Contact us by email or phone, or drop into any of our clean and easily accessible Cafés to chat more about your passport photo and printing needs.

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