Money never comes before people!

Our team and our service must include you and your people. Everything we do focuses on delivering and supporting your unique requirements. Therefore every project we deliver, every survey we perform, and every decision we make requires you to be part of our team. With you being included in how we work and what we do, we can be sure your needs are being met every step of the way. Service and delivery that is 100% customised to your current requirements and for your future growth.

Although you don’t need to be directly involved in the delivery of an implementation unless you prefer, it is important to us that we are in constant communication with you at all times.

The ASH NET Team

ASH NET has a team of Certified Engineers and other experienced and qualified professionals who have been hand-picked to deliver and support the many needs of our customers. They understand the importance of you being part of our team and your unique needs are different than all other businesses.

Every team member has one key goal – to provide the best service and support in the quickest time possible. They know how critical IT communication and connectivity is to your business. They also realise the significance of how high performing and efficient systems, custom built to your requirements is crucial to your business growth.

With over 30 years experience in IT solutions, communication services, Cloud, Web Hosting and all other services and products my company provides, I am very passionate about using that background to help others succeed in their own businesses. While contributing to my own team members’ knowledge to enhance their own futures, and the level of excellence they provide to ASH NETs customers.

My educational achievements include a Bachelor of Communications (B.Comms) (Master) which I studied in Russia. This degree qualified me as a Communications Engineer, specialising in Radio Frequency Communications. This education was a fabulous grounding for my successes to date, and those in the future.

I emigrated to Auckland in 2003 with my family and created one of the first Internet Cafés in New Zealand. One shop quickly became 8 as the need for public access to the internet grew very quickly. This meant that every computer, user and location not only needed the fastest internet access. Every computer also needed instant support and repair services available.

I was then made aware of the increased necessity for businesses to have local service and local support for Cloud, Web Hosting, Internet and all other services and products my company now offers. ASH NET’s Internet Cafés were reduced to three and we still maintain those sites today. This enabled ASH NET to focus on the customers we now supply and support – local businesses needing IT expertise.

While continuing to learn more every day, my global and local experience and that of my team is now helping businesses across Auckland, New Zealand, to do what they do best – focus on their business without IT issues and stress.

Please Contact Me personally to discuss how our expertise can help you streamline and grow your business.

Ash Khatib


Contact us today to ask us more about where we have come from and how we can provide you with a state of the art IT solution that suits your current and future needs.

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