What is an IP Phone?

An IP (Internet Protocol) phone uses the internet to place and transmit telephone calls over an IP network. This is instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).There are no standard phone charges that traditional or mobile phone companies charge, as the phone conversation communicates as data over the internet.

IP Phones are growing in use worldwide. The technology has countless advantages!.

ASH NET not only provides huge potential savings and greater scalability of your systems. As IP Phones require a reliable internet connection with high bandwidth, these are also included in our vast range of available services and products.

Why use ASH NET for your IP Phone Solution?

ASH NET provides and supports all IT communications services and solutions to businesses like yours, including Wi-Fi, high speed broadband and high bandwidth. Therefore disadvantages are minimal, or completely eliminated as we manage and support all services required by IP Phones.

We design, deliver and support very high quality IP Phone solutions which are customized to each business. A solution that is high performing, reliable, and secure.

Our Certified engineers have the required skills and knowledge required to work with your IT department to plan the provision of the right IP Phone solution for your needs. All of our IP Phone network solutions commence with an initial site survey to ensure the right system is delivered.

Then they deploy and support your systems ongoing while monitoring performance 24/7.Your staff are also fully trained and supported by our company according to your preferred support package.

ASH NET has extensive experience in implementing and supporting IP Phones networks from simple to complex installations.

We are specialists of:

  • IP Phones Networks
  • IP Phones
  • IP Equipment
  • Wireless IP Phones
  • VoIP
  • IP Phones and VoIP design and deployment
  • Wi-Fi, internet and broadband
  • IP Phones and VoIP support and monitoring

Key Benefits of using ASH NET Support Services

  • Specialists in all IP Phone and VoIP related technologies
  • Certified Engineers
  • Customize a solution to fit your business needs
  • Full support of IP Phone and VoIP 24/7
  • Performance monitoring 24/7
  • Training provided

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