Internet Cafes & Copy Centre

Internet Cafe

Internet Access at ashnet

  • Internet surfing
  • Social website
  • Watch and listen Videos,Songs
  • Watching Movies
  • Downloading Videos, Movies and songs
  • Emailing
  • skype
  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Upload your photos on facebook
  • Upload your videos on youtube

Online Games Installed at Ashnet computers

  1. Blizzard App
  2. Left 4 Dead 2
  3. Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare Multiplayer
  1. Left 4 Dead
  2. Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare
  3. Mabinogi
  4. Call Of Duty Account Maker
  5. Maple Story
  6. Call of Duty World at War Multiplayer
  7. Minecraft
  8. Call of Duty World at War Single Player
  9. NewZLauncher
  10. Call of Duty- World at War Zombie Play
  11. Path of Exile
  12. Counter Strike 1.6
  13. Smite
  14. Counter-Strike Source
  15. Steam
  16. CS GO
  17. Terraria
  18. Heroes of Newerth
  19. World of Tanks
  20. Killing Floor
  21. World of warcraft
  22. League of Legends

Computer Accessories & Laptop Accessories

  • Computer Keyboard
  • Computer mouse
  • Computer Mouse pad
  • 300MBPS TP LINK WI-FI Adopter
  • 150MBPS TP LINK WI-FI Adopter
  • Computer speaker
  • Sonic headphones
  • Sonic mic
  • Expand wi-fi network adopter
  • Hp Laptop chargers
  • Dell Laptop chargers
  • Acer Laptop chargers
  • All Laptop chargers


Local Games Installed at Ashnet computers

Age of Empires II

  1. COD Black Ops 2 Singleplayer
  2. Mad Max
  3. Age of Empires III Gold Edition
  4. Command and Conquer – Red Alert 2
  5. Mafia 2
  6. Age of Mythology Gold Edition
  7. Command and Conquer – Yuri’s Revenge
  8. Mark of Ninja
  9. Alan Wake American Nightmare
  10. Company of Heroes
  11. Mass Effect 2
  12. Alien Isolation
  13. Crysis 2
  14. Mass Effect 3
  15. Aliens Colonial Marines
  16. Crysis 3 18. Max Payne 3
  17. Aliens vs Predators
  18. Dark Souls III
  19. Medal of Honor (TM)
  20. Amnesia
  21. Darksiders 2
  23. Angry Birds
  24. Dead Space 3
  25. Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros
  26. Antichamber
  27. Deponia
  28. Metro 2033
  29. Assasins Creed 3
  30. Deus Ex – Human Revolution
  31. Metro Last Light
  32. Assassins Creed – Syndicate
  33. DiRT Rally
  34. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
  35. Assassins Creed Brotherhood
  36. Dishonored
  37. Mortal Kombat X
  38. Assassins Creed Chronicles – China
  39. Endless Space
  40. Movies
  41. Assassins Creed IV – Black Flag
  42. Fallout 4
  43. nba2k14
  44. Assassins Creed Unity
  45. Far cry 3
  46. NBA2K16
  47. Atlantica
  48. Far Cry 4
  49. Need For Speed Carbon
  50. Batman Arkham City
  51. Far Cry® 2
  52. Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012)
  53. Batman Arkham Knight
  54. Farming Simulator 2015
  55. Need for Speed Rivals
  56. Batman Origins
  57. FIFA Manager 12
  58. Need For Speed The Run
  59. Battlefield 2
  60. Football Manager 2012
  61. Need For Speed Underground 2
  62. Battlefield 3 Singleplayer
  63. Grand Theft Auto IV
  64. Need for Speed™ SHIFT 2
  65. Battlefield 4 Single Player
  66. GTA – San Andreas
  67. Need for Speed™ SHIFT
  68. Battlefield Bad Company 2
  69. GTA V
  70. Need for Speed™ Undercover

And More

Microsoft office Installed in ashnet in computers

  • Microsoft word,
  • Microsoft excel,
  • Microsoft power point,
  • Microsoft Publisher

Ashnet Mobile accessories sale at ashnet

  1. Mobile covers
    • Samusung s3 cover
    • Samsung S4 cover
    • Samsung s5 cover
    • Samsung s6 cover
    • Samsung s6 edge cover
    • Iphone 5 cover
    • Iphone 6, 6+ cover


  1. Mobile cables
    • Samsung s3 Cable
    • Samsung S4 cable
    • Samsung s5 cable
    • Samsung s6 cable
    • Samsung s6 edge cable
    • Iphone 5 cable
    • Iphone 6, 6+ cable


  • Mobile battery bank
  1. Mobile Power Adopter
  1. 10w Samsung phone cover
  2. 12w iphone cover

Mobile sim

  • Vodafone sim
  • Spark sim
  • 2-degree sim
  • Skinny sim
  1. Flash Drives
  • 8 gb flash drive
  • 16 gb flash drive
  • 32 gb flash drive
  • 64 gb flash drivE
  1. Memory cards
  • 8 gb Memory cards
  • 16 gb Memory cards
  • 32 gb Memory cards
  • 64 gb Memory cards


  1. Cables
  • Bt to rj 11 cable
  • 5 5 meters lan cable
  • 5 5 meters lan cable
  • 10 5 meters lan cable
  1. Car chargers
  2. Memory card reader
  3. Laptop screen cleaning kit


Internet Café Services Call Us : 09 2694000 ext 21 24/7 Ashnet Helpline

ASH NET provides clients with best equipment and services to grow their dedicated Internet cafes. We deal in providing assistance, equipment and services for Internet Cafe in Manurewa, Internet Gaming Cafe Manurewa, Internet Cafe Clendon, and specialized cafes around Auckland.

We specialize in:

Online Gaming – ASH NET is experienced with adding online gaming to any Internet Cafe in Manurewa or elsewhere in Auckland. We will configure any number of systems at your Internet cafe for making them fully compatible with online gaming.

Gaming Computers – We help clients looking to install systems capable of running popular games at their Internet cafes. We can check systems for potential gaming upgrades and install the same upon receiving client consent, for a budget price.

Gaming Cards – Gaming cards are essential for running high-end games on systems. We deal in all sort of gaming cards from popular manufactures to add the required gaming juice to your conventional Internet cafe systems.

Letter Writing – We also provide with letter writing services to Internet cafe owners. You can add letter writing services among the other services offered by your Internet café.

CV Writing – CV writing is an important part of modern Internet cafes. We deal in CV writing services in addition to providing services for Internet Gaming Cafe Manurewa and elsewhere.

Microsoft Office and other Important Business Tools – Whether your Internet cafe requires MS Office or some other important business tools, you can bank on us. We will install as well as complete the entire setup process. We also deal in providing maintenance of the software, all at an affordable price.

Computer Accessories – Looking for computer accessories to replace old units and computer peripherals at your Internet cafe? Look no further than ASH NET. We provide computer accessories as well as latest hardware upgrades available for the systems employed at your Internet cafe.

High-Speed VHS to DVD Conversion – We can add VHS to DVD conversion in your Internet café systems. Our high-end VHS to DVD converter doesn’t compromise with the quality of the video details. Moreover, they provide high-speed conversion rates to speed up the process.

Ultra High Speed for Email and Internet – Whether you’re the owner of an Internet Cyber Cafe Manurewa or Internet Cafe Clendon or some other place in Manurewa, we can offer you with fast email and Internet settings to your existing data provider. We also deal in our in-home Internet plans at affordable rates.

Fast Downloads – We’ll fine tune all your systems for optimizing download speeds to the maximum. No need to wait for long hours to download important files over the Internet and Email.

International Calling – We can add international calling capability to your Internet cafe at a reasonable price. We’ll come in and install the required equipment without disturbing your daily schedule.

ASH NET is committed to providing top-quality equipment and services for Internet cafes around Auckland. You can contact us anytime for any query related to internet café services, internet café equipment, or anything else you might like to ask us.

Copy Centre

Print / Copy / FAX / Lamination

  • Colour printing
  • Black & white printing
  • Printing from Flash Drive
  • Printing from email
  • A4 Paper
  • A3 Paper
  • A4 photo Printing
  • A3 photo printing
  • Single side printing
  • Double side printing
  • Passport size photos
  • Flyers Printing
  • 6×4 photos printing
  • 6X8 photos printing
  • Printing on cd and dvd

Passport Photos / Scanning

  • Colour Scanning
  • Black & white Scanning
  • A5 Paper
  • A4 Paper
  • A3 Paper
  • A4 photo or glossy paper
  • A3 photo or glossy paper
  • Scan as a jpg
  • Scan as a pdf
  • Scan box
  • Scan passport
  • Scan id cards
  • Scan books
  • Scan licence
  • Scan all kind of documents
  • Scan newspapers

Flyer Design / Business Cards

  • Black& white Business card printing
  • Colour Business card printing

Photo Printing / Enlarging / Email Printing

  • Colour Photocopy
  • Black & white Photocopy
  • A5 Photocopy
  • A4 Paper photocopy
  • A3 Paper photocopy
  • Enlarge photo copy
  • Reduce size and photo copy
  • Driving licence photocopying
  • Passport photo copying
  • Documents photocopying
  • Books photocopying

Ashnet Laminating

  • A5 Paper
  • A4 Paper
  • A3 Paper
  • Id card like licence or 18+
  • Photos

Ashnet Faxes Services

  • At ashnet send fax to Local or Toll Free number
  • At Ashnet send fax National number
  • At Ashnet special discount for sending fax in Aus, Usa, Canada, uk numbers
  • At Ashnet send fax International numbers

CD/DVD Printing / Copying & Burning

  • Ashnet Video tape to dvd convert
  • VHS to dvd convert
  • Video tape to flash drive convert
  • VHS to flash drive convert
  • Video tape to hard drive convert
  • VHS to hard drive convert

CD / DVD Burning Lamination Binding Documents

  • At Ashnet BurnAudio Cd and Dvd for your home
  • At Ashnet BurnAudio Cd and Dvd for your car
  • At Ashnet BurnAudio Cd and Dvd for your birthday, marriage and other parties memories
  • At Ashnet Burn video Cd and Dvd for your home
  • At Ashnet Burn Video Cd and Dvd for your car
  • At Ashnet Burn Video Cd and Dvd for your birthday, marriage and other parties memories

Ashnet Binding Paper Services

  • At Ashnet, you can bind any number of paper
  • At Ashnet bind paper for College project submission
  • At Ashnet bind paper for proposal meeting
  • At Ashnet, bind paper for save important documents


ASH NET Copy Centre

ASH NET Professional Photo Printing Auckland provides the best-in-class affordable, high-quality photo and digital printing services. We specialize in email printing, passport photos, documents binding, flyer & business card designing and printing, CD/DVD burning and copying.

Photo & Document Printing Services

We at ASH NET are dedicated to offering the best document and Photo Printing Auckland services, all at affordable rates. We deal in:

Please contact us for the following services in the following areas.

Professional Photo Printing Clendon, Professional Photo Printing Manurewa, Cheap Photo Printing Clendon, Professional Photo Printing Mangere, Photo Printing Clendon, Photo Printing Manurewa, Cheap Photo Printing Mangere, Photo Printing Mangere, Cheap Photo Printing Manurewa, Cheap Photo Printing Manukau, Cheap Photo Printing Otara, Cheap Photo Printing Papakura, Cheap Photo Printing papatoetoe, Cheap Photo Printing Takanini

Copying – Whether you have limited copies or bulk copying project for us, we deal with all copying tasks and assignments way before the deadline.

Documents Binding – Different binding options are available at ASH NET Document Printing Auckland for choosing the most suitable option for a specific purpose. Spiral binding, hard binding, gold binding, etc. we have all types of bindings.

Email Printing – Get instant hi-quality email prints. We can also convert your entire business email thread(s) into paper print(s).

Fax – Send important business or personal fax to anyone around the world with ease and convenience with ASH NET Photocopying Services Auckland.

Lamination – We deal in all types of lamination. Leave all your lamination tasks to us.

Passport Photos – Best quality passport photos for all your form filling or registration requirements.

Photo Printing & Enlarging – We also provide photo printing; in any number you wish them to be produced. We can enlarge small size photos to match your requirements without any kind of pixelation. ASH NET assures the production of hi-quality Cheap Photo Prints Auckland.

Print – We deal in simple as well as batch printing, as per your requirements.

Scanning – ASH NET also deals in scanning documents. You can enhance your scanned documents and photos with our quality scanning improvement tools.

Design Services

Over and beyond best Photo Printing Clendonservices, we are also proud to provide creative flyer and business cards design services.

Flyer – From professional flyers to business-specific products, we deal in all kinds of flyer designs. From designing to printing, we’ll handle everything for you and your business flyers.

Business Cards – ASH NET photo and Document Printing Auckland also provides hi-quality business cards for distinct businesses. We know how to design and make best business card designs as per the businesses requirements.

CD/DVD Services

Looking for CD/DVD services in addition to best and Cheap Photo Prints Auckland has to offer? We’re expert working with CDs and DVDs. We offer:

Burning – We have all the necessary tools required for completely burning CDs and DVDs.

Copying – Looking for moving data from an old CD or DVD to a new one? Leave the task to us. We are equipped with all essential CD/DVD copying tools for the job, all at a reasonable price. We also accept batch CD/DVD copying work.

Printing – Whether you’re looking for getting your entire wedding DVD on the photo or your child’s birthday bash come alive on hi-quality photos, we deal in all kinds of CD/DVD printing services at affordable rates.

No matter what kind of photo, printing or CD/DVD jobs you have in mind for us, we are expert at processing them all well within a sensible budget and finish the job way before the deadline!

ASH NET Professional Photo Printing Manurewa is always open to queries!

We Serve the following areas:

Clendon, Manurewa, Clendon, Mangere, Clendon, Manurewa, Mangere, Mangere, Manurewa, Manukau, Otara, Cheap Papakura, Papatoetoe, Takanini