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Best Internet Provider NZ

ASH NET- The #1 Internet provider New Zealand is better known for providing top-class optimized Internet services for small and medium-sized businesses, corporate clients, and hoteliers in New Zealand. We offer secure IP-based flexible and robust enterprise IT solutions for suiting the various needs of our clients. ASH NET Internet Service provides distinct tailor-made connectivity and integration solutions to our clientele. We’ve been hailed as one of the top Internet Providers NZ several reasons, stated as follows:

Powerful Internet for Businesses

We understand the importance of Internet and reliable connectivity for the businesses of our clients. Doesn’t matter what type of services our clients’ businesses provide, we’re always ready to provide them with the best Internet provider NZ services.

Our Business Internet service is managed with industrial grade Mikrotik routers. All our services, including load balancing, make use of these reliable routers. The devices are programmed and configured by our in-house experts and we hold all the responsibility for their management and operation. These routers are ideal for every type of business need and requirement. As one of the best Internet providers New Zealand services, we manually configure our devices to provide you with the optimum Internet speed and connection reliability.

We even fully examine your existing network for enhancements. As one of the top Internet provider New Zealand firm, our main aim is to devise a robust and secure network infrastructure to perfectly match all business requirements of our clients.

Managed Internet

In addition to being a major Internet service provider in New Zealand, we also deal in managing the Internet connection to make it work exactly as per the client requirements. Our configuration is based on the business requirements, underlying Internet equipment, and the network infrastructure provided to us by our clients.

Managed Internet

Which is not only supplied by us, but we look beyond the internet providing, we will check which internet connection is most suitable for your business/company. We also look at your network infrastructure, your needs, and we customize the internet equipment to your requirements.

We’ve achieved the status of top commercial Internet provider New Zealand because of these feats:

  • Boost Productivity – We configure the Internet and connectivity by keeping our clients’ business productivity in mind. We seek and implement configurations that boost business productivity while reducing costs and overhead charges simultaneously.
  • Customized Equipment – We assess your network needs and customize equipment based on that, making us one of the best Internet provider New Zealandhas to offer.
  • Dedicated infrastructure – We provide the entire necessary infrastructure required to boost business connectivity to enable our clients to take their business to the next level.
  • Load Balancing – Yes, we do provide load balancing services to let a business make the optimum use of Internet connectivity for realizing their primary focus.
  • P2P Traffic Blocking – Among other options, we also provide optional P2P traffic blocking to save precious time and data over the Internet.
  • Reliable and Robust Mikrotik Routers – For providing best in class Internet services, we rely on robust world-class Mikrotik routers.
  • Traffic Monitoring – We provide traffic monitoring services for businesses to get a clear visibility of the traffic related to their Internet connectivity.

We always look forward to hearing queries from our clients.