VPS Hosting in Plain English

VPS Hosting in Plain English

ash khatib   May 24, 2020

What does Web Hosting Services and VPS mean? Just like we need a plot of land to build our house, every website needs a space where it will be hosted. We can consider that space as the internet real estate, where all information and data on our website is securely held.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is a ‘private space’ that hosts your website and all of its content. As the name implies, it is virtual and private, therefore it is online and specific for your website only, and not shared by anyone else. A VPS also helps to serve up your website when someone searches for it on the internet.

With VPS web hosting, you have full control like you would with a dedicated server, and you also have access to all the necessary dedicated resources. This means it is dedicated to you only. Your resources are private and you won’t be sharing with others on the same server.

VPS hosting functions through ‘virtual technology’. This technology enables the division of one server into various individual private servers.

Using the ‘house’ analogy as above, each VPS is like a large building with independent ‘rooms’. Each room is used independently by individual users/websites, without the need for sharing. With VPS hosting each website has access to it’s own storage, RAM, bandwidth, etc.

What is Shared Hosting?

Let’s imagine that a VPS is an independent room in a house, and a shared server is a large dormitory with bunk beds. This analogy will help to decide whether you should choose a shared server or a VPS for your website.

Shared hosting is quite the opposite to VPS. Shared web hosting hosts the website on a shared server, utilizing resources and capabilities across multiple websites.

VPS or Shared Hosting?

You would go for a dorm room (a shared server), when costs and shared common resources are of high importance. Alternatively, you would choose an independent room (a VPS)  when you need privacy, scalability, independence and quality living (hosting).

When the website demands a private server you would choose a VPS. Resources and data are dedicated to your website, and you are responsible for the server operation.

If you require a cost-effective option of website hosting, and you have no problem with sharing RAM, space, speed, bandwidth and other capabilities, you would choose a shared server.

What about the Operating System?

If shared hosting is your preferred option, we recommend exploring the various operating systems available to manage the hosting requirements.

An important aspect to also consider is the security of your website. So the operating system must provide a highly secure environment to protect your data. Linux hosting offers the utmost security in all capacities for website hosting.

When you are working with a VPS on a Linux operating system, the behind the scenes ‘instructions’ are technically managed by command prompts. Therefore you must have a high level of knowledge when using Linux to run a virtual private server.

Why use a Managed VPS?

A managed VPS is maintained and regulated by the web hosting company and is as easy to use as any shared hosting plan. You don’t need to know technical jargons about the operating system or anything else to use a managed VPS.

With professional guidance you will have all the support you need to experience user-friendly hosting.

What next?

Before you commit to hosting your web server, it is recommended that you evaluate your website requirements and your budget, and find a provider that works perfectly for you.

Hopefully this makes VPS and shared hosting easier to understand. If you need help in any way don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.