Is Unlimited Internet Service Really Unlimited?
Unlimited Internet

Is Unlimited Internet Service Really Unlimited?

ash khatib   July 24, 2020

When dealing with internet services these days we are often introduced to the term “unlimited”, whether we are choosing mobile carrier plans, broadband, or wireless internet services. But most of us don’t realise there is not really any such thing as “unlimited” internet, or “data with no limits”.

To summarise, “unlimited data” is a business marketing tool that many providers use to attract customers.

Let’s explore limitations a bit more. One of the most important factors regarding limitations for internet services is where you access them from.

Modem Signals and Mobile Hot spotting

Broadband connections are restricted to the signal reach of your modem. A secured wireless connection determines a specific area to access the signal, to a set limit within your home or workplace. So it depends on where the modem is located. Of course your connection remains password protected to stop third party interference.

If you get a provider to install your wireless connectivity according to your needs, they will do this considering all possible limitations, and you will enjoy better speed at lower cost.

A mobile hotspot service is something you can take with you, but with limited ability to power your hotspot-enabled device.

So although you can get access to internet connectivity from either of the above options, they are restricted to certain range. So your ability to work or play online remains limited to a particular area.

Data Speed Being Throttled

Throttling is another kind of limitation of your wireless internet plan. This means the speed can be slowed down considerably because communication networks regulate network traffic to minimise bandwidth congestion. So, when you go over your ‘data bucket’, carriers and network providers often reduce your speed, and without telling you.

Many plans provide you a monthly data allowance. They specify it is “unlimited” because they don’t stop you from accessing your data. However, your data speed is usually still being “throttled”, regardless of the data allowance offered.

One example of the result of “throttling” is you may find your video content not loading smoothly or pausing throughout your viewing. Very frustrating!

This is not a mistake that is made by your service provider. It is an inbuilt feature to convince you to buy a more expensive plan. So you are forced to choose between compromising with the data speed, or investing in an “unlimited” plan with higher limits.

Unlimited Internet Services from ASHNET

The good news is you really can get closer to unlimited internet services with ASHNET. We avoid most of the limitations of hotspots and modems by running internet services over radio signals. These systems are quite popular these days,and have reached almost every point in the country. Where there were dead zones for radio signals in the past, these days strong cell signals are available virtually everywhere.

ASHNET also provides your connection without throttling your data needs. With our unlimited internet services, your data speed remains consistent whether you are at home or away. If you are in close proximity to a cell tower signal, you get the speed you sign up for, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Ash Net makes sure you get much closer to “unlimited” than most providers offer. By removing some of the limitations that most include, we provide our users broader availability without slowing you down. ASHNET provides high-speed wireless internet services that you can rely on.

Do you know what you are really getting from your current provider?

Now that you’re all informed you might want to check with your provider to find out what you are REALLY getting!Then stop your frustrations of slow or limited speeds today!

Give us a call without delay to enjoy ASHNET’s REAL “unlimited” internet services.