How Small Business Phone Systems Can Reduce Overheads
Small Business Phone Systems

How Small Business Phone Systems Can Reduce Overheads

ash khatib   October 1, 2020

There are many reasons why businesses should switch to a VoIP business phone system. But maybe you feel it will be too daunting to replace your entire communication system? If you can get past the fear factor of the changes required (which actually isn’t that difficult with the right help), one of the most important benefits of VoIP is that it will greatly reduce your overheads. A lot of money can be saved by upgrading to a small business phone system. From upfront costs to other long term savings, there are myriads of financial reasons to move over to VoIP.

So this may be fabulous news! But you may ask how changing to a VoIP phone system can save you money?

Read on to learn more:

What is a VoIP Phone System?

Before we continue with the benefits, a simple explanation of VoIP may help you to understand a little about what you may want to consider investing in.

VoIP means “Voice over Internet Protocol’. In plain English, VoIP phone systems use data over the internet to communicate, rather than using landline or mobile phones which need cables and wires to connect calls. VoIP operates without the cables and wires that are needed for traditional phone systems.

All you need is an internet connection with technology that manages the data, providing you with the benefits of everything from voice calls, to video and email. All using the same data connection.

Free Internal Calls

As VoIP calls are made using your current data connection you don’t have to pay any extra call costs, unlike traditional landline phone setups.

This means all internal calls between your employees are free no matter where they are working from in the world. This provides you huge cost savings for your monthly phone bills.

International Calls are Cheaper

With global markets and international chains, it’s very common for businesses to make long distance international calls. These calls are usually very expensive as they need to travel vast distances over copper wires.

With VoIP, international call costs are much cheaper than traditional phone plans. As a typical VoIP international call travels over data networks, the cost is only applicable for the specific call itself.

VoIP vendors offer very reasonable international plans, and some also provide unlimited international calling packages.

NO Upgrade Fees

With traditional business phone systems, every time your vendor upgrades to a new software version, you need to pay more to use the latest features.

With VoIP phone systems it doesn’t matter whether your vendor releases upgrades multiple times during a year. You will always have access to the latest software updates, including security upgrades, at no extra cost.

No Expensive Hardware

Small business VoIP phone systems don’t need any ‘top of the line’ equipment to setup or work efficiently. You can switch to a VoIP phone system with just a laptop or mobile phone. Although many companies do decide to invest in better hardware for improved quality, it is certainly not a requirement to use VoIP.

As VoIP doesn’t need expensive equipment as a minimum, it is your choice to invest in later model phones and/or speakers when it is convenient and affordable for your business. You certainly don’t need to replace or upgrade older hardware all at once.

Easy Configuration

VoIP phone systems are not complicated when it comes to configuration and management. They can be easily managed on a daily basis.

So, how does this translate to saving your business money? You or your employees will spend valuable time setting up a traditional phone system. From learning what to do and buying the equipment, to wiring and configuring the system and ongoing maintenance, there is a lot of time spent from the beginning to the end. We all know that in any business, time is money!

With VoIP business phone systems, you don’t need to be an expert at all. Your vendor takes care of setups, regular maintenance, software upgrades, and security patches. Your employees can concentrate on their jobs instead of having to maintain the phones.

Want to Know More?

Contact ASH NET to chat about your needs, then decide if we can fit the bill as your small business VoIP phone service provider. So you can start saving time and money, and reduce frustrations having to manage and fix issues with traditional phone systems.