Fix Your Broken Phone – Cheap Phone Repairs Auckland
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Fix Your Broken Phone – Cheap Phone Repairs Auckland

Sanjay Poddar   June 26, 2020

Don’t panic about a cracked screen or faulty functioning of your Android. You can quickly get your phone repaired at an affordable cost.

If your phone tumbles onto a sidewalk, slides off the bench, or is affected by bug, cracking the screen or breaking your Android’s charging port, it is the worst thing any of us needs to worry about right now. Especially when the country is experiencing service difficulties during a Corona Virus pandemic.

All you need to do is search online for “cheap iPhone screen repairs” or “cheap phone repairs” and you receive a multitude of search results.

With so many options out there, it can be daunting to decide where to get your phone repaired. Do you search by the locality or do you prefer to find the cheapest one? Fortunately, ASHNET repairs all types of Smart phones and tablets, and even computers. And we are based in Auckland.

What about the parts that are needed to fix your device? Many different quality options are available when it comes to repair parts. There are mainly three main types of parts when it comes to iPhone screen repairs.

 Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM Screens

OEM screens are the same as the original one that was installed on your phone when it was manufactured. This is the highest quality option available and the replacement screen will look just like it was when you purchased it.Considering the high quality, OEM screens are the most expensive option, but they are limited in availability.

Remanufactured or Refurbished Screens

Remanufactured or refurbished screens are recommended as your best option when you want something that does the trick at a very reasonable price.When it comes to the quality of the screen, the display is the most important factor. There is no special technology used on the glass of an original screen that can’t be replicated.

A refurbished screen should be the same as the damaged original OEM screen. Of course you should be sceptical of the quality. As long as the new screen was refurbished by a reputable company, the quality should be unparalleled and undistinguishable to the original display.

Aftermarket Screens

Then there is the After market screen. These are the cheapest and most readily available screens for most devices. For any version, brand and model of Smart phone, After market parts can be selected by different quality types – low, medium and premium.

ASHNET sticks to quality only at the lowest prices possible for our customers. So we prefer only premium quality Aftermarket parts to ensure customer value for the best price.

Choose Wisely

If you have accidentally broken your phone or it’s screen and you are looking for cheap phone repairs in Auckland, ASHNET recommends you should take the following factors into account.

  • Quality – Ask about the different types and quality of parts available to decide which best suits your needs.
  • Warranty – Ask about the warranty provided for the repair. Whether it is 90 days or longer.
  • Company reliability – Ensure the reliability of the company. Look for client testimonials.
  • Board level repairs – Find a repair company that can handle board-level repairs.

Your phone is probably your most favourite and important device. So choose a repair company that meets your specific needs. Also select one that provides customer service over the phone and in-person.

Visit ASHNET for cheap and reputable phone repairs in Auckland, or give us a call to schedule a meeting to find out how we can help you, and help you quickly!