Antivirus Services to Prevent Cyber Security Breaches
Antivirus Services

Antivirus Services to Prevent Cyber Security Breaches

ash khatib   July 29, 2020

Cyber security has attained a new level of growth this year. Making cyber security a priority has become a higher importance for companies in 2020.

Cyber attacks are on the rise and hackers and criminals are taking undue advantage of the pandemic. As companies have shifted to a‘work from home’ environment more than ever before, their online exposure and cyber security risk has dramatically increased, requiring them to invest more in antivirus services.

Antivirus has always been the best solution to fight malicious software and cyber tactics. It is still very effective in todays times. Malware, phishing scams and DDoS are just some of the threats that lurk on the internet. A good antivirus system is an absolute necessity. It protects your system from damage and saves time to clean up any mess caused by a successful malware attack.

So, you already know that virus protection is important, but you might not be confident about what you need. There are myriads of options available. So many that it can be overwhelming.Let’s take a look at the main criteria you should know at least a little about when you are searching for antivirus software.

Overall Protection

Genuine antivirus software must provide comprehensive protection which includes layers of security that gives protection from a variety of threats. Examples include viruses, network attacks, cyber crime, spyware, Trojan, ransomware and third party monitoring, and more.


Your security software must be reliable. It must effectively protect your computer without intervening with or causing issues to, other programs installed on your system. AshNet provides genuine antivirus services that deliver updated protection while enabling you to schedule your own regular security scans.

Operational Changes

Antivirus and other security systems often require a lot of computing power which can sometimes impede the function of your computer. Antivirus software should not impact on the operation of your system or programs, no matter how fast your computer boots up or responds during normal use.

Additional Support

AshNet provides various extras for added benefits with our antivirus software to help your overall computer security. Many of our security products include tools and options such as password wallets, parental control modules, encrypted cloud storage space, and more.


Make sure your antivirus software is easy to navigate, understand, and control. If it is complicated and you find it difficult to understand how it works, you may create problems for yourself and your computer’s security that you are not aware of. Or worse, you may unwittingly have left some systems or data unsecured without protection.

Watch Out for Fraudulent Antivirus Programs

Sometimes fraudulent malware programs will appear as if they are security programs, convincing you to purchase them. But some can cause serious damage to your computer, systems and data. Cross-checking is very important, as is ensuring you obtain antivirus services from a reputable source.

Check online reviews for an informed choice to help you find the right software for your Mac or PC.

Trial Periods

Most reputable antivirus programs come with a trial period to help you identify if you have made the right choice. The trial period is useful if you have doubts about a certain product, or if you can’t decide which antivirus software is best for your computer and network.

Ask Experts for Help

ASHNET have been working with antivirus software for many years, for various residential and commercial needs. We know what is fraudulent and what is not, and we always chat with you first to make sure you are getting the right protection for your unique systems and computer setup. We understand your company reputation is also at stake if your systems security is accessed by criminals or fraudulent programs.

Are you 100% certain that all your PCs, networks, systems and data is 100 % secure?

Contact us immediately if you have any concerns, to know more about your current antivirus software. Or to discuss a new security protection package that will keep your systems, data, company, owners, employees and customers safe.

Whether it be for your employees working from home, from your workplace at one location, or for multiple environments.