How Small Business Phone Systems Can Reduce Overheads

Small Business Phone Systems

There are many reasons why businesses should switch to a VoIP business phone system. But maybe you feel it will be too daunting to replace your entire communication system? If you can get past the fear factor of the changes required (which actually

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Why Businesses are Moving to the Cloud

The 'cloud' is a real buzzword these days. But what is it and how is it connected to your business? Is it really anything new? What does Cloud Computing mean? In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing data and programs on an

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Everything You Need to Know About Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server

Do you know what it takes to set up an Ubuntu server? Even for first time users it is very easy to set up an Ubuntu server for personal computers or for commercial purposes. What is an Ubuntu Server? Ubuntu is basically a server operating

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Is Unlimited Internet Service Really Unlimited?

Unlimited Internet

When dealing with internet services these days we are often introduced to the term “unlimited”, whether we are choosing mobile carrier plans, broadband, or wireless internet services. But most of us don’t realise there is not really any such

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Why use Remote IT Support Services?

Remote Technical Support

Do you remember when you last took your computer to the shop to get it fixed? This is neither effective nor affordable, especially if you are dealing with several computers. IT services have evolved since the old days of physically visiting a

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VPS Hosting in Plain English

What does Web Hosting Services and VPS mean? Just like we need a plot of land to build our house, every website needs a space where it will be hosted. We can consider that space as the internet real estate, where all information and data on our

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