ASH NET Backup and Disaster Recovery Services you can trust

Are you 100% certain that your data and systems are backed up 24/7 and available for instant recovery in the event of a natural or other disaster?

If your servers are affected by unprecedented events, backup and disaster recovery considerations are critical for any business to enable it to avoid any kind of data loss, and keep operational with minimal delays.


Much of your data is stored locally or on the cloud in forms of documents, spreadsheets, databases and in many other ways. In addition to natural disasters, if you experience viruses or delete a document in error, it is imperative you are able to immediately restore lost information.

ASH NET can provide a detailed free consultancy to identify if your systems are backed up as your business requires, both on site and in the cloud (depending on your system setup).

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is absolutely critical for any business. A disaster recovery plan mitigates any risk that may be associated with data loss. including loss of business, income and your reputation.

Instantly recover data – ASH NET enables you to instantly recover your data at any time.

Disaster recovery plan – We work with you to identify your needs and develop a plan that suites your business operations and locations.

Test recoveries – We plan test recoveries and simulations from time to time. This provides you 100% confidence that your data is safe and restorable at any time, during any data risk event.

Why ASH NET for your Backup and Disaster Recovery services?

We are local. So we are on the ground in the event of natural disasters, and are immediately informed. Our 24/7 support is available onshore to Auckland, New Zealand, working in the same time zone you are. No more calls to offshore companies who may only respond with an email offering a response within 24 hours!

IT services, cloud and web hosting are our business. We have been looking after local companies for many years and are experts in our fields.

We provide free consultations to all businesses. So if you are not 100% confident your data is secure, and restorable at any time, and backed up as you are working daily, contact us for a chat without delay.


  • Backup and Restore - Enjoy peace of mind knowing your website and cloud servers are conveniently secured and protected by daily automated backups
  • Disaster recovery plans – we develop a plan that is unique to your business needs and future growth
  • Test simulations – we conduct planned tests to ensure your data and systems are secure and restorable at all times
  • New Zealand data centres –Your data is backed up and recoverable from onshore servers
  • 24/7 technical support - Our customer service is available round the clock, on all 7 days of the week.
  • Local to Auckland, New Zealand – we are local people with global knowledge

Contact us by email or phone to discuss more about how we can provide Backup and Disaster Recovery Services that will streamline and increase the efficiency of your business.

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