ASH NET are experts in offering the best solutions to ensure only legitimate emails come to your inbox and emails are scanned for virus contents.

Antivirus Services

Do you lose sleep at night wondering if your systems are securely protected from virus attacks? With advancements in IT technologies, there has been steady growth in the spread of viruses through external media devices such as USB drives, external hard drives and through internet access.

ASH NET are experts in dealing with virus control from all external sources. Our remote support monitoring services will very quickly identify if any viruses affect your systems at any time.

We also take the necessary steps to ensure your systems are fully protected at all times. In the event of a virus attempt we are also able to quickly remove any threat that may attempt to infect your systems.

Antispam Solutions

Spam is the generic term for the commercial email, fax, mobile/smart phone text (TXT) and image-based messages you receive without requesting them.

Email has become one of the important modes of communications in businesses and the personal life of every individual. Are you constantly receiving messages in your inbox that is costing you precious time and money to review and remove them? If so it is likely you need to improve your antispam protection.

We are able to identify where the spam is coming from, then deploy methods of protection to eliminate this costly issue.

Key Benefits of using ASH NET Antivirus and Antispam Services

  • Clean and safe inbox at all times
  • Virus free data and systems
  • Backups and restore services in the event of any virus threat
  • Up to date knowledge therefore we are pre-warned of any new viruses released
  • 24/7 Support with onsite support available every business day

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