About Us

We live in a highly connected world. All of us rely on IT systems, information and devices that need to connect and communicate. But do we all know how IT works, and the options that are available to us?

ASH NET knows that IT can be scary for many. We know it seems complicated. We know it can be hard to know what to do. This is why we do what we do.

Our sole reason for existence is to take the stress out of your IT!

We help businesses and people just like you with IT support, Cloud, VoIP, Internet, Web Hosting, a Repair shop and much, much more. And we support you afterwards, always striving to keep your business free of IT issues, 24/7. It’s what we do, we love it, and we are very good at it. Because we have done it.

Our track record backs us up. We started in 2001 and we have learnt a few tricks and lessons along the way. From owning and operating the first chain of eight Internet Cafes in New Zealand we still operate three of those very successfully. Our business model changed and we quickly expanded to provide businesses like yours with service and support for their complete IT communication and support needs. Our growing customer base is proof of our success.

Our commitment to every customer is to align our expertise and experience with your IT requirements. This means we are dedicated to deliver and support the IT systems that will enable you to focus on what you do best – your business. The right system for you, that streamlines your business now while supporting your future growth.

The team at ASH NET look forward to helping your business grow to its fullest potential, and beyond.

Ash Khatib


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Company Values

Our Mission

To provide the best fully tested IT products and solutions for our customers.

Our Aim

To develop long term partnership arrangements with our clients by delivering and supporting premium services and products that are customised to perfectly suit their needs.

Our Passion

With the help of our Geeks, we are passionate about delivering innovative and cost effective solutions and support for businesses.

Our Vision

ASH NET is the leading service provider of IT business solutions to small and medium sized businesses across Auckland, New Zealand. Our vision is to continue to do what we do best – to help other businesses streamline their IT to grow to their fullest potential and beyond.

Contact us today to ask us more about how we can provide you with a state of the art IT solution that suits your current and future needs.

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