What is 111 contact code?

The purpose of the Commission 111 Contact Code is to ensure that vulnerable consumers, or persons on their behalf, have reasonable access to an appropriate means of contacting the 111 emergency service in the event of a power failure.

Which services are affected?

You will not be able to work via fibre and fixed wireless during power failure until and unless you have a back-up. Here the back-up means the contingent power supply other than the mentioned above. If your landline is supplied over fibre or fixed wireless, you will not be able to contact 111 at the time of power failure. Cordless phones and medical alarms might not work during power failure at your place. Keeping a back-up supply handy is a smart move. Charged mobile phone or a backup power supply can be helpful for contacting at 111 emergency services.
Please note that the 111 code does not cover any medical services and/or alarms – such as those provided by St John – you may have installed in your home. Please talk to your relevant service provider if you have any concerns about their authenticity.

Who is a vulnerable consumer?

The person who is at particular risk of requiring the 111 emergency service but is unable to contact at 111 emergency service that can be operated for the minimum period during power failure is a vulnerable consumer according to the code.

How to get your account listed as vulnerable?

if someone in your office relies on your landline connection for medical, safety or disability reasons, you can apply to be listed as vulnerable consumer by filling the form below: application form
Ashnet will send you procedure for contacting 111 emergency service during power failure at your place with no extra damage. We will not disconnect or deny retail landline service supply on the basis that we know or encounter, a consumer is or may become a vulnerable consumer.

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