How to Target Your Audience With Facebook Ads For More ROI

How to Target Your Audience With Facebook Ads For More ROI

Facebook ads can really stand you in good stead when you use them wisely. The ads are not meant to be wasted and you need to use them as intelligently as possible. Think about it! Where would you like to use these ads? Everywhere or specifically in those places where you know you can successfully tap into your target audience.

Below, you will learn some interesting ways of targeting your audience with Facebook ads that will require you to narrow down your approach and be more focused:

  1. Choosing specific web pages

How about targeting those who only visited a specific web page of yours? This way you may only be reaching to your smallest audience, which interestingly can also be the most relevant one.

For instance, you can create Facebook ads for one lot that is very common. It comprises such people who for example visit a landing page but refrain from clicking the Call-to-Action button.

When you go for this technique, you can also filter out those who you may want to exclude as they may have already contributed to your conversions or made a purchase.

  1. Preparing email list

You can definitely prepare an email list of those of who go ahead and buy one of your products or the press the CTA button on one of your landing pages. Such an email list is going to serve an important purpose. When you come up with a new offering, you would first of all like to get back to those who you managed to convince first time around.

Conversely, if you are making the same offering again, you can exclude all those who are already there in your list.

  1. Reaching out to your very own fans  

There is nothing like your own fan page. Let us suppose that you target 5000 people and only 500 like your page. However, the 500 who do like you page are more likely to be more receptive to all your other offers. They could feel enthused to go through your blog posts, consider your free offers and purchase the products that you sell to them.

  1. Finding lookalike audiences

A lookalike audience is one that shares quite a few common denominators with the audience that you are already catering to in terms of behavior, interests and more. This approach too is conjectural but it is less risky than one wherein you take a gamble and simply speculate.

  1. Targeting people as per their interests

This may now be viewed as a conservative method but it is still a method all the same. You can take recourse to this method when you do not generate enough traffic, when you have a small email list, when you fail to create any kind of fan base and when practically nothing at all is available.

If you have not tried out the methods that we have discussed above so far, it is high time you started following them seriously. Give each of the techniques a try and there will surely be a discernible growth in the number of audience that you cater to.

About the writer: Ashraf is the Founder of Ashnet, the #1 IT Company in Auckland, New Zealand. He is the man behind the immense popularity of Ashnet among its clients. The company provides Hosting services, IT Consulting services, digital marketing and Social media marketing services.


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