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IT Services Auckland

At ASH NET, our team of highly skilled experts works tirelessly to provide impeccable IT solutions for the various types of business IT scenarios and requirements. We are available 24×7 for our clients. Our long list of satisfied clients gives one healthy reason to caption us as one of the best providers of IT Support in Auckland.

IT Support Auckland

As a top firm providing quality IT support in Auckland, we boast a team of highly skilled technicians with expertise in desktops, laptops, Macs, servers, and all popular operating systems. We’re here to offer our clientele the best IT support possible that fits perfectly in our clients’ well-planned budget. Our experts are adept at installing and setting up new systems, applications, plugins, and other business IT essentials. We’re not only hailed as the best IT service provider in Auckland for businesses but for homes and cafés too.

Clients can make use of our services in one of the following convenient ways:

  • Drop in – Clients can drop in at our office during office timings for enjoying our repair and inspection services. After inspecting the faulty devices, we notify the client about the issues and potential solutions to those issues related to the faulty devices.
  • Remote/Over-the-phone Assistance – Whether clients would like to ask for some device issue or some business IT solutions related query, we’re available for over-the-phone assistance. We can also provide support for your devices in the same way, whenever and wherever possible, that saves time and credit for our clients.
  • Onsite – We’ll visit our client’s business location and provide them with our services at their very own business operations location without affecting their daily schedule.


We’re available as one of the dependable firms providing Tech support in Auckland. Here’s a look into what we’re best at:


We provide everything from setting up a brand new cabling system to repair and upgrade an already existing cabling setting. We are also skilled at expanding a present cabling network.

Data Recovery

Whether our clients’ lost all the important details regarding their clientele or employees information, we are here to help them recover data with our proprietary data recovery solutions. With our superior data recovery solutions, recovering data is as easy as ABC.


Free Assessment

As a top firm providing Tech Support in Auckland, we perform an absolutely free on-site survey before entering into a work agreement with our clients. After we gauge all the available working space, we’ll provide with all the potential plans that will best suit the business setting. We can append or upgrade the existing cabling as per the requirements.


Internet Cafés

Our IT expert team is acquainted with all the essential knowledge of systems and software along with the latest conventions to help our customers build up the right size of Internet café in any setting.

IT Consultations

As one of the best providers of IT support in Auckland, IT services are our primary stronghold. We facilitate smooth project management for our clientele with a single point of contact from the beginning till the summing up of the consultation. We can:

  • Audit infrastructure for finding potential solutions to optimize business performance
  • Analyze all business projects
  • Ensure timely execution of business projects
  • Lower the risk of losing data
  • Increase efficiency of the existing IT setup

ASH NET IT Solutions has the expertise of working with over hundreds of devices in tandem and providing optimum design solutions for networks of different type and size variants. We’re also available for providing Tech support in Auckland.

Small Networks

Which is include multiple devices sharing resources like internet, files, media, printers and scanners – wired and wirelessly connected.

Corporate Networks

At ASH NET IT solutions, we’ve all the expertise for establishing various types of business-oriented IT networks. We’re adept at working with multiple independent networks to segregated physically networks with VLANs and are available as a bankable tech support in Mangere.

Multi Locations Networks

We are available for providing solutions to link and bring all separate networks at distinct locations to be monitored at a single place. We have all the necessary equipment for equally distributing the network speed among the authorized users.

P2P Blocking

Cited as one of the best IT service provider in Auckland by our clientele, we’ll help clients with a stable and safer Internet connection with P2P blocking. Additionally, we provide disabling torrent traffic to avoid Internet larceny

Managed Services

  • New System Design & Setups With Hardware Upgrades
  • Virus/Spyware removal
  • Replacing hard drives including Data Transfer &  Software clean-ups
  • Software & Operating Systems Installation
  • Data recovery / Networking
  • Systems and Data Migration from Servers to Cloud
  • Dedicated high speed for businesses
  • Customized Networking Equipment Monitoring, load balancing
  • Traffic control with Block unwanted websites
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) / Wireless Network set up & Configuration / Optional P2P traffic blocking
  • Equipment customized for you with  Dedicated infrastructure &   Powerful load balancing
  • Advanced Mikrotik Routers / Network traffic Monitoring
  • No wasted bandwidth data
  • Save $$ & boost Productivity, Pay Only for what you use
  • Internet for hotels , Businesses & Internet Cafes
  • Best internet for business With Wifi SET Up for Businesses

Free Assessment

We conduct a FREE on-site survey to provide you with a no-obligation quotation, prior to commencing any work. Depending on your requirements, we can install any combination of data, voice and fiber cabling. We can also supply any associated equipment such as data cabinet enclosures, patch panels etc.

Internet Cafes Auckland

We can build internet cafes with any capacity needed. Our experience with PCs and systems allows us to offer you the best stable internet cafe equipment’s in Auckland.

WiFi Hotspots

We haveve custom-made Wifi hotspot solutions for businesses as well as cafes, individuals, hotels, public places, and other non-business settings. We’re available for providing Tech support in Manurewa too

Other Services

We find it a great achievement as well as a responsibility for being held as a top IT support in Auckland. Our team of IT experts also provides:

  • Blocking unwanted websites – Restrict non-relevant Websites to be browsed in systems connected with business networks(s).
  • Customized monitoring of networking equipment – Get all the networking equipment consistently monitored for discrepancies and errors.
  • Data migration from servers to cloud – Transfer all the business data effortlessly from dedicated servers to the cloud.

 Tech Support in Auckland

  • Data transfer from one device to another in bulk – We’ll help with safe and secure device-to-device data transfer.
  • Finding and implementing ways for increasing business productivity – Contact us for surveying the business for potential enhancements or optimizations for increasing business productivity.
  • Load balancing – Increase the capacity of concurrent users and application reliability with our load balancing services.
  • Network traffic monitoring – Adding network monitoring equipment to the business network is a great assistance technique.
  • Optimize data speed – In addition to providing Tech Support in Auckland, clients can call us in for optimizing network settings and configuration for data speed.
  • Software clean-ups – We also provide services for software clean-ups across multiple devices.
  • System design, setup, and upgrades – We also help in designing and setting up system required for business expansions.
  • Traffic control – Get all the tools for controlling traffic on your business network.
  • VPN and Wireless network set up – Whether you’re looking for creating a Virtual Private Network or a completely unwired network, we’re happy to help you with the task.
  • Virus, malware, spyware removal – With our virus and spyware removal service, businesses are protected against attacks from malicious software.

Small Networks

Whether wired or wireless, ASH NET IT solutions is always up for helping set up small networks sharing Internet, media, files, printers, and scanners.